Coming Together to Collaborate: DFC - 12 SECTORS

The Get SMART West Baltimore Community Coalition is made up of 12 sectors. The DFC sectors are strategic alliances within the community that have proven to be successful when collaborating with one another in an effort to create a safe, healthy and drug-free community for our youth.

These sectors include representation from West Baltimore as follows:

  • Youth – minors that are 18 years old or younger
  • Parent – individuals legally responsible for a child, grandchild, or foster child
  • Business – representatives of a business-related organization
  • Media – representatives of communications outlets that provides information to the community
  • School – representatives of public, private, and charter school systems with influence in school policies and procedures
  • Youth-Serving Organization – representatives of organizations that provide services to youth
  • Law Enforcement – representatives of law enforcement agencies who are sworn law enforcement officers and/or retired law enforcement officer
  • Religious/Fraternal Organizations – representatives of faith-based organization who have leadership roles
  • Civic/Volunteer Groups – representatives of organizations that provide civic or volunteer activities to the community
  • Healthcare Professionals –  individuals legally allowed to provide physical, mental, or behavioral healthcare services
  • State, Local or Tribal Governmental Agencies – representatives of government-funded agencies with a focus on substance abuse
  • Other organizations involved in reducing substance abuse – community organizations that address substance abuse prevention